Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 26:Amigos

i haven't been hiding, i just haven't been posting because i haven't had the internet for a few days. if i had done all the days straight through for the challenge, i would have finished before losing my interweb capability, but alas, i was behind schedule. i just got internet hooked up in my new place, so i should be more diligent in my posting.
the challenge for this day was what i think of my friends. i think that this is a retarded question, because if they are my friends, i must like them. maybe i just assume that people don't keep around bad friends. i also have a ton of friends, and i kind of friend group hop. i won't see a group of friends for months at a time, but as soon as i see them again, i tend to be right back into the groove with them. each group of friends has their place and role it seems. i have my old high school buds, my room mates, my music friends, my church friends, my girl friends(notice the space there, i'm not dating this group), my soccer friends, my running friends, etc. there is some overlap there, but often not too much. there are sub groups too, like i have several groups of girl friends. girls tend to need a good, straight, platonic guy friend, so i fill that role for a few sets of girls. i also tend to find dating prospects through them, so it is a pretty good group to have.
all and all, my friends are rockin. they like my goofy, off the wall qualities, as well as my more serious sides. they provide endless entertainment and support.

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