Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 18: We are the Dreamers of Dreams

today's challenge is to share my plans, dreams, and ambitions. i only have a few things that i specifically drool over as far as dream things. i have a couple of dream basses though.

this bad boy is the gibson thunderbird bass. in addition to being the best looking bass out there, it combines that with a powerful sound that does the likening to thunder right.

this is the warwick corvette bass. i seem to have a thing for stuff with corvette in the name. this isn't the biggest bass, but it has the best low end sound out there. it is made with exotic woods that are super dense, creating the most powerful bass sound out here.

i am not the best planner, but i have a few things on my to do list. my next big plan is to run the top of utah marathon again, on september 18th. i ran it two years ago, and was not able to last year because i tore my acl playing soccer. i am super stoked to be back at 100 % for running.

my dream car is the 1969 corvette stingray in cortez silver, with the 427 big block engine. tell me that isn't the sexiest car ever. tell me so that i can punch you in the face for lying. the great thing about having that as a dream car is that for between 20-30k, you can pick one up in great condition. that is entirely reasonable for me to think to achieve in the future. i don't have to buy the 425k aston martin or something like that.

of course, there are basic plans that i have for the future. i just barely decided to switch my major at uvu from business management to integrated studies. basically that means that i will be able to get a degree with emphasis in two different schools, like business management and communications, or business and english, or philosophy, or music even. whatever i want. and it won't set me back more than a semester or so. beautiful.

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  1. I'm going to do an integrated studies major too!! I just need to settle on a language; Spanish or ASL. The second half of that being theatre. (: