Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 16: A tour of my hair?

technically, this post is just supposed to be another picture of me. but y'all have seen enough of me, so how about a tour into the history of the hair of pilmer? this is as comprehensive as i can get it, there are a couple of hairstyles that are missing. we'll also go chronologically, for the most part. now, i didn't include my current hair, because if you have read any of my other posts, you have probably seen my buzzed head. so i won't bore you with that. here it goes:

this was my ragnar mohawk. it gave me power to run great distances.
time on my head: 3 days

this is the last of my medium length hair cuts, and probably the one i'll go back to in the fall.
time on my head: a few months

this one is probably my favorite style intrinsically.
time on my head: 3 days

i got really bored with curly hair, so i straightened it for a while. also, this is a good time to note that i never bleached my hair, that blond in the bangs is natural.
time on my head: a few months

this one wasn't really on purpose, but it is what my straightened hair looks like after riding a bunch of roller coasters at magic mountain.
time on my head: 1 awesome day

it was the 80's, a lot of people did things they weren't proud of.
ok, so it was just an 80's night, and i was proud of it. and yes, i do like flock of seagulls.
time on my head: 1 stellar evening

this was actually the first time i did anything to straighten my hair. and really, it was just my friends and i sitting around being bored, deciding to try out the straight iron on my hair.
time on my head: until i showered next

this is probably the most consistent hair i've had over the last couple years. it is the favorite of my mom and sisters, so it tends to pop up a lot.
also, that is a yak burger. made with real yak.
time on my head: off and on since 2005

do i need to explain this?
time on my head: 3 glorious days

unfortunately, my long hair days were not well documented. my family detested it, so they didn't take many pics. this is the best one i could find. sorry it is so small. it got maybe an inch or two longer than that.
time on my head: 1 year

this was the first hairstyle i ever chose for myself. i was watching olympic volleyball when i was a wee lad, and saw a guy with a flat top. i thought it was amazing, so that is pretty much the hair i had all through elementary school.
time on my head: 1st grade-5th grade


  1. Admittedly, long hair can be cool. Sometimes I even miss your hobbit headed days (though not necessarily your high school punkish self that went with it ;)), but it's really not your most flattering look. You buzz your head to change up your style, I employ bobby pins, elastics, and more hair product than I can shake a stick at.

    In the end, we are the same. :)

  2. Oh Justin:) haha. Awww I remember the mullet. Still my best masterpiece ever! I am so glad you posted that, it gave me a good giggle.