Thursday, August 26, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 26:Amigos

i haven't been hiding, i just haven't been posting because i haven't had the internet for a few days. if i had done all the days straight through for the challenge, i would have finished before losing my interweb capability, but alas, i was behind schedule. i just got internet hooked up in my new place, so i should be more diligent in my posting.
the challenge for this day was what i think of my friends. i think that this is a retarded question, because if they are my friends, i must like them. maybe i just assume that people don't keep around bad friends. i also have a ton of friends, and i kind of friend group hop. i won't see a group of friends for months at a time, but as soon as i see them again, i tend to be right back into the groove with them. each group of friends has their place and role it seems. i have my old high school buds, my room mates, my music friends, my church friends, my girl friends(notice the space there, i'm not dating this group), my soccer friends, my running friends, etc. there is some overlap there, but often not too much. there are sub groups too, like i have several groups of girl friends. girls tend to need a good, straight, platonic guy friend, so i fill that role for a few sets of girls. i also tend to find dating prospects through them, so it is a pretty good group to have.
all and all, my friends are rockin. they like my goofy, off the wall qualities, as well as my more serious sides. they provide endless entertainment and support.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 25:What's in the bag?

this day's challenge seems a bit odd to me. it asks me to share what is in my bag. i'm guessing it means whatever bag i carry, be it fanny pack, backpack, or murse. i don't think i'm quite cool enough to pull off a murse, unlike my friend travis. of course, he tries to un-gay it a bit by pronouncing it mur-say, with the accent on the say. basically, pronounce murse like you are spanish. the only bag that i use regularly is my backpack, which i have lovingly carried since 10th grade. currently, it contains the following items:

-assorted accounting printouts
-two notebooks
-my planner
-mini stapler
-mechanical pencil
-two regular pencils
-black pen

of course, this will change once school starts again next week. and since i mentioned the murse, check out this fabulous (say that word with flair, like a gay guy)video all about the murse. for those of you offended by overt homosexuality, or casual gay swearing, don't watch. but for those of you who are like myself, and think that it is hilarious to watch, enjoy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 24:A mis parentes

Dear Mom and Dad,

does dad ever get mad that he is always second in that order? just a random question there. thank you for everything. you created my very life, then supported it for 24 years now. your role is a bit more limited these days, but no less important to me. especially when you feed me dinner on sundays, that rocks pretty hard. i'm glad that i have parents who love me enough to tell and show it. you must have done something right, cuz i pretty much rule. and i am humble too. but for real, all three of us kids are pretty much rockstars, and a significant portion of the responsibility for that is yours.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 23:Something I crave

i only crave a handful of things regularly. it is odd too, because i base most of my regular decisions based on cravings. what i eat for lunch, what music i'll listen to, what movies i'll watch, etc. but those change all the time, so really, i crave variety. but here are a few things that pop up more often than the rest.

playing my guitar, june carter.(while not my actual guitar, she looks just like this.)
fast food in general, but mostly five guys. it's the best.
also, there was a study done recently, that after a diet of fast food, mice would rather starve to death than eat their normal, healthy food.
food for thought.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 20:Someone I can see myself marrying

ever since i saw this on the challenge, it has been giving me a little anxiety. posts about music, or pics and such are easy cheese. this one took some pondering. since my last relationship endeavor ended recently, the furthest along i am with anyone i like is one date. so i really have a hard time picking a particular person to see myself with in the future at all. so instead, i'll share a few traits of what i am looking for. i believe that it is good to have at least a few things in mind for what a potential mate should be like, so that i won't get lost in the myriad. the most important thing i am looking for is someone who makes me want to be better. not that i would need to feel inferior or lacking, but the kind of hopeful desire to improve, and the belief that i can. she should be courageous. everyone has fears, but courage defies fear, and lives on purpose. she shouldn't be willing to settle with mediocrity in life.

she needs to be a disciple of christ.

and it wouldn't hurt if she looked like audrey hepburn.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 19: Nicknamed

i've actually kinda already covered this topic, back when i was explaining my blog name. i'll go ahead and give y'all the in depth history of the many names of pilmer though.

the first nick name i can remember was the flying banana. it was back on my first soccer team when i was maybe 7. i wore a yellow shirt to practice, and we scrimmaged. i guess i was about the same person then as now, because they said i was being to reckless, flying around the field willy nilly. and since i was wearing a yellow shirt, they called me the flying banana. i'm not sure how long that stuck, but it stuck in my mind forever.

i had an uncle call me fred for the longest time. just one of those things.

the next is just my last name, and it has been the most consistent through my life. people have called me pilmer since about middle school. sure, others in my family have been called pilmer at one time or another, but none have kept it as a nickname for as long as i. i am pilmer. also, there have been many variations on my last name. i've been called plumber, pilgrim, pilmore, etc. and people are always screwing up the spelling and pronunciation.

i had a couple of friends call me rusty in high school. not sure what was up with that, i think they just thought i looked like a rusty.

my little sister began calling me pickle at some point. nobody else calls me pickle, and i really don't think anyone else should. it is kind of a special nickname from my lil sis.

one of my companions on my mission called me pilmer of light (a take off of joseph smith's first vision pillar of light). he was from indonesia, so it was even better, cuz he pronounced them about the same anyway. he pretty much could have called me anything, and i would have loved it. i miss you subandriyo.

recently, i have been called by j.p. a lot. it started with amanda graham and hillary hartwig in my ward, and then spread to the whole ward pretty much. i really actually like it a lot, simple, elegant, j.p. ok, so i am not sure how elegant it is, but it is pretty rad.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 18: We are the Dreamers of Dreams

today's challenge is to share my plans, dreams, and ambitions. i only have a few things that i specifically drool over as far as dream things. i have a couple of dream basses though.

this bad boy is the gibson thunderbird bass. in addition to being the best looking bass out there, it combines that with a powerful sound that does the likening to thunder right.

this is the warwick corvette bass. i seem to have a thing for stuff with corvette in the name. this isn't the biggest bass, but it has the best low end sound out there. it is made with exotic woods that are super dense, creating the most powerful bass sound out here.

i am not the best planner, but i have a few things on my to do list. my next big plan is to run the top of utah marathon again, on september 18th. i ran it two years ago, and was not able to last year because i tore my acl playing soccer. i am super stoked to be back at 100 % for running.

my dream car is the 1969 corvette stingray in cortez silver, with the 427 big block engine. tell me that isn't the sexiest car ever. tell me so that i can punch you in the face for lying. the great thing about having that as a dream car is that for between 20-30k, you can pick one up in great condition. that is entirely reasonable for me to think to achieve in the future. i don't have to buy the 425k aston martin or something like that.

of course, there are basic plans that i have for the future. i just barely decided to switch my major at uvu from business management to integrated studies. basically that means that i will be able to get a degree with emphasis in two different schools, like business management and communications, or business and english, or philosophy, or music even. whatever i want. and it won't set me back more than a semester or so. beautiful.

Blog Challenge Day 17: Switch places for a day

if i could switch places for a day with anyone in the world, i would switch places with anyone from this site: then i could experience real suffering, and maybe then i wouldn't complain about calculus so much, or when a girl acts crazy, or my fry sauce isn't full. there is true suffering in the world, and i can't say that i have really experienced it. if i am really dreaming, i would go ahead and switch places for life. let them have a shot at the good life. i am so ungrateful for so much.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 16: A tour of my hair?

technically, this post is just supposed to be another picture of me. but y'all have seen enough of me, so how about a tour into the history of the hair of pilmer? this is as comprehensive as i can get it, there are a couple of hairstyles that are missing. we'll also go chronologically, for the most part. now, i didn't include my current hair, because if you have read any of my other posts, you have probably seen my buzzed head. so i won't bore you with that. here it goes:

this was my ragnar mohawk. it gave me power to run great distances.
time on my head: 3 days

this is the last of my medium length hair cuts, and probably the one i'll go back to in the fall.
time on my head: a few months

this one is probably my favorite style intrinsically.
time on my head: 3 days

i got really bored with curly hair, so i straightened it for a while. also, this is a good time to note that i never bleached my hair, that blond in the bangs is natural.
time on my head: a few months

this one wasn't really on purpose, but it is what my straightened hair looks like after riding a bunch of roller coasters at magic mountain.
time on my head: 1 awesome day

it was the 80's, a lot of people did things they weren't proud of.
ok, so it was just an 80's night, and i was proud of it. and yes, i do like flock of seagulls.
time on my head: 1 stellar evening

this was actually the first time i did anything to straighten my hair. and really, it was just my friends and i sitting around being bored, deciding to try out the straight iron on my hair.
time on my head: until i showered next

this is probably the most consistent hair i've had over the last couple years. it is the favorite of my mom and sisters, so it tends to pop up a lot.
also, that is a yak burger. made with real yak.
time on my head: off and on since 2005

do i need to explain this?
time on my head: 3 glorious days

unfortunately, my long hair days were not well documented. my family detested it, so they didn't take many pics. this is the best one i could find. sorry it is so small. it got maybe an inch or two longer than that.
time on my head: 1 year

this was the first hairstyle i ever chose for myself. i was watching olympic volleyball when i was a wee lad, and saw a guy with a flat top. i thought it was amazing, so that is pretty much the hair i had all through elementary school.
time on my head: 1st grade-5th grade

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 15: Shuffle that Ipod

first ten songs that play on my ipod... aaaaaaaaaand go:

band: song
1. like yesterday: we might be alone tonight
2. cat power: in this hole
3. the strokes: soma
4. nirvana: silver
5. gram parsons: we'll sweep out the ashes in the morning
6. creedance clearwater revival: down on the corner
7. johnny cash: rusty cage
8. alanis morissette: party boy
9. ritchie valens: la bamba
10. three generators: mystery man(ft. jack white)

Blog Challenge Day 14: con mi familia

the last time our whole immediate family was together was in washingon d.c. last year for my sister's (amanda) graduation from grad school. we even had quite a bit of both sides of the extended fam too. it was a rockin trip, and it was fantastic. but enough of my ramblin', here's the pics.
at the d.c. zoo, eating some lunch
that's my uncle on the left, and my grandma between my mom and sister. at arlington nat't cemetery.
three generations y'all, at george washington's crib.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 13: A letter

dear random tree on the side of the timpanogos trail,

i understand why you hurt me. you don't stand for shenanigans. your trail is supposed to be a serious place, not a place for pranks or stunts. when i was going to scare those poor, innocent hikers, you stood up to me. i appreciate you doing what you believe is right. i just wish you had a way to show me that didn't involve trying to gouge out my eye.

yours truly

this day's challenge was a letter to someone who has hurt me recently. i don't really get hurt that often, so this is really the best i could think of.