Tuesday, March 29, 2011

State of the Jazz Address

fact: big al is a great number 2 option. he is NOT dwight howard. he cannot carry the team. he is also the currently the best player we have. 

which leads me to 
fact: we need a number 1 option. we don't have a number 1 option currently on our roster. nor do we really have a developing number 1 option. 

fact: we therefore need to acquire a number 1 option. with ak coming off the books, lots of lottery picks coming up, and tradeable assets, we are in great position to get one. 

hayward is stepping up, he was calling out defensive assignments in crunch time last night. i hope we keep him. he can develop into a solid role player. 

favors is awesome already, and with some polish, he can be amazing. not a number 1, but awesome. if he can keep his physical prowess and develop some touch (millsap shooting, and some big al post moves) he will be a pivotal person to build with. 

my keep list: big al, favors, hayward, millsap 

my i like, but tradeable/maxed potential list: ak, harris, watson, elson, miles, fez 

my get them out of here list: bell, evans, okur, price 

i love price's attitude, and he was acceptable behind d-will, but harris is no d-will. miles can be productive in the right scenario, but he is edging towards me wanting him gone. the only way we should keep ak is if he comes cheap. i kind of want to see what harris can do when he knows the system and is healthy. 

anyone else regretting that we have corbin in a long term contract as opposed to like a 2 season (this being the first) deal?