Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 14: con mi familia

the last time our whole immediate family was together was in washingon d.c. last year for my sister's (amanda) graduation from grad school. we even had quite a bit of both sides of the extended fam too. it was a rockin trip, and it was fantastic. but enough of my ramblin', here's the pics.
at the d.c. zoo, eating some lunch
that's my uncle on the left, and my grandma between my mom and sister. at arlington nat't cemetery.
three generations y'all, at george washington's crib.


  1. Apparently Christmas wasn't all that memorable this last year, since that was technically the last time we were all together. Still, y'all's trip out here was pretty much my favorite. :)

  2. haha, i can't remember most of christmas due to being high on pain meds from my tonsilectomy.

  3. Oh yeah. Well, those fuzzy memories of me being home and all of us kids going for gelato were not hallucinations. Just so's you know.