Thursday, September 16, 2010


i have been battling insomnia since i was in high school. it comes and goes, and right now, it is hitting me hard. i am struggling to make it in to my classes that start at noon and 10, because i fall asleep generally between 3 and 6 in the morning. i think i might be surviving solely because my awesome friend kourtney hooked me up with about 50 bucks worth of red bull before she moved to california. i felt like i was going to lose it this afternoon in my business ethics class until i hit up a red bull energy shot. then i was all twitchy walking to my next class. i think i am just one step to full on fight club split personality disorder. i'm pretty crazy already, so maybe my alter ego will be a responsible, diligent conformist. if my more boring, less colorful clothing starts getting used more, i'll know that is happening. until then, i'll just keep watching scary movies late at night, and keeping other people up irrationally late so i'm not so lonely. so next time you are up at 3 in the morning, check and see what i'm up to. chances are, i'll want to hang out.

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  1. Sly Billy Joel reference there, little bro.

    I feel ya on the insomnia thing, but usually I'm too tired to do anything during the not sleeping hours. Plus, I HAVE to to go to work in the morning, so I usually force myself to go to sleep. Somehow.

    If only the world would work on my time schedule!