Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 25:What's in the bag?

this day's challenge seems a bit odd to me. it asks me to share what is in my bag. i'm guessing it means whatever bag i carry, be it fanny pack, backpack, or murse. i don't think i'm quite cool enough to pull off a murse, unlike my friend travis. of course, he tries to un-gay it a bit by pronouncing it mur-say, with the accent on the say. basically, pronounce murse like you are spanish. the only bag that i use regularly is my backpack, which i have lovingly carried since 10th grade. currently, it contains the following items:

-assorted accounting printouts
-two notebooks
-my planner
-mini stapler
-mechanical pencil
-two regular pencils
-black pen

of course, this will change once school starts again next week. and since i mentioned the murse, check out this fabulous (say that word with flair, like a gay guy)video all about the murse. for those of you offended by overt homosexuality, or casual gay swearing, don't watch. but for those of you who are like myself, and think that it is hilarious to watch, enjoy.

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