Friday, May 21, 2010

10 more things you probably didn't know about me

1. foods that i hate: mushrooms, sour cream, mayonnaise( and no, i don't consider miracle whip any different)
2. foods that i love: ginger and lime (i will order things off the menu just because they have one of these in the name of the food)
3. i've never been to disneyland/world
4. i've lived in 6 states (utah, texas, georgia, washington, virginia, maryland)
5. i'm a hopeless romantic
6. audrey hepburn is my favorite actress (i own a box set of her movies)
7. my dream car is a 1969 corvette stingray with a 427 big block engine, in cortez silver (suitable alternative years were '67 or '71)
8. i wish that fine arts such as the opera or ballet were as accessible as sports are on a regular basis (meaning i wish that i could find an opera playing all year round or on tv, etc.)(and this is coming from a guy who eats his breakfast watching sportscenter)
9. my dream job is to teach at the lds institute of religion
10. in the color code test, my personality type is yellow with a strong secondary color of white (meaning that i am motivated mostly by fun and peace, it is difficult to get into the most personal circle of my life, and i have a strong aversion to confrontation, especially verbal)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This is the most predictable post ever

on this mother's day, i have a blog for the first time. so i must share with the world how awesome my mother is. the photo above is of my little sister and my mom, just after my sister received her mission call. the fact that my little sister had the gumption to go on a mission is pretty indicative of what kind of mother i have. the fact that i, the punkiest nugget ever to be called pilmer, served a mission is an even bigger indication of the kind of mother i have. she is absolutely incredible. she served(and still serves) as liaison between my father and i. my father and i have a long history of butting heads, and if she hadn't been around, i probably wouldn't have lived past 17. i may have given my father a heart attack before he could kill me, so it is kind of a toss up as to who would have survived, but one thing is for sure: she kept us both alive. she has always been the one who would stay up late to talk with us, valuing being involved in our lives more than her sleep. she's also the one who went to the atm, drove to provo, and gave me the money to retrieve my car from the tow truck at midnight. from little league, to wrestling matches, to soccer practice, to cub/boy scouts, she was the taxi driver/cheerleader/den mother that i needed. she always seemed to be the right person i needed at the right time. i am sad to say that i made her cry more than once, although now, i think she cries tears of joy more often because i turned out alright. ever since my parents, little sis, and i went to a boyz II men concert, my sister and i have kind of made this song our mom's theme. so on this mother's day, here's a song for you mom( and yes, she even reads my blog):

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Greatest Food You've Never Heard Of

once upon a time, a wise, wise man introduced me to a magical food known as a pupusa. this man was zach oliverson, and with him, we created a weekly ritual known as pupusa monday. today, i resurrected that weekly holiday, and it was glorious.
for those of you that don't know what a pupusa is, it is an el salvadorian food made from a corn tortilla filled with either cheese, refried beans, chincharron(pork ground to a paste), or cheese with lorroco(an herb). Or you can get a mix of these called revuelta. Then you put mixture of lightly fermented cabbage, lettuce, carrots, and peppers on the pupusa, and pour a watery tomato salsa over it. fold that sucker up, and chomp down on it.
the best one is the cheese. sometimes, just for the sake of diversity, i'll get a bean or revuelta, but the cheese pupusa is where my heart is. it isn't a complicated flavor. some foods i like to be complicated, with layers and phases of flavors hitting my taste bus at different times. this one hits a far more basic, possibly profound pleasure center. as i ate my pupusas today, i relished the greasy nature of something created just to make me fat. it left my fingers dripping with oil, more like oil drops hanging from my fingers begging me to lick them, adding an exclamation point to the flavor assault occurring in my mouth. the only complication to the flavor is the tangy zip of miracle whip. sorry, i had to say that. really the tangy zip of the cabbage and salsa can make or break the pupusa. it ties it all together if well done. if not well done, it can leave you overwhelmed by the massive power of greasy cheese and tortilla. that is the power of this dish, you can be overwhelmed by a tidal wave of awesome. as i mentioned in my review of the kfc double down, you can have too much of a good thing. the veggies keep this from being that way.
now, this isn't something you should eat as part of a balanced diet, so don't bother with sides. sides will only take up precious stomach room from the pupusas. the drink can compliment the meal though. the best i've found are mountain dew code red and dr. pepper. i am usually not a fan of mountain dew, but somehow, it is the perfect compliment to this hotness known as pupusa. probably the citrus balance for the heavy greatness, i mean greasness. it does have to be code red, really, that should be unspoken.
as you can tell, the love of this epic food has lead me to wax poetic. you should have stopped reading this a long time ago, and gone to your local pupuseria. really, why are you still reading this? go establish your own pupusa monday, in honor of laney, oliverson, naz, hinckley, and volz. for those of you in the provo area, el mexsal on freedom blvd is the best place for pupusas around here. now if you'll excuse me, i need to go have a food coma.