Monday, August 9, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 19: Nicknamed

i've actually kinda already covered this topic, back when i was explaining my blog name. i'll go ahead and give y'all the in depth history of the many names of pilmer though.

the first nick name i can remember was the flying banana. it was back on my first soccer team when i was maybe 7. i wore a yellow shirt to practice, and we scrimmaged. i guess i was about the same person then as now, because they said i was being to reckless, flying around the field willy nilly. and since i was wearing a yellow shirt, they called me the flying banana. i'm not sure how long that stuck, but it stuck in my mind forever.

i had an uncle call me fred for the longest time. just one of those things.

the next is just my last name, and it has been the most consistent through my life. people have called me pilmer since about middle school. sure, others in my family have been called pilmer at one time or another, but none have kept it as a nickname for as long as i. i am pilmer. also, there have been many variations on my last name. i've been called plumber, pilgrim, pilmore, etc. and people are always screwing up the spelling and pronunciation.

i had a couple of friends call me rusty in high school. not sure what was up with that, i think they just thought i looked like a rusty.

my little sister began calling me pickle at some point. nobody else calls me pickle, and i really don't think anyone else should. it is kind of a special nickname from my lil sis.

one of my companions on my mission called me pilmer of light (a take off of joseph smith's first vision pillar of light). he was from indonesia, so it was even better, cuz he pronounced them about the same anyway. he pretty much could have called me anything, and i would have loved it. i miss you subandriyo.

recently, i have been called by j.p. a lot. it started with amanda graham and hillary hartwig in my ward, and then spread to the whole ward pretty much. i really actually like it a lot, simple, elegant, j.p. ok, so i am not sure how elegant it is, but it is pretty rad.

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