Thursday, December 9, 2010

I wear my sunglasses at night

k, so i don't even have sunglasses to wear at night.  i'm kinda bummed, cuz i just broke my favorite pair of sunglasses, which were my last remaining pair.  at the beginning of this year, i had three.  i lent one pair to a friend, who moved to arkansas.  i had bought those a couple years ago on a whim, i think they actually might be girl's.  another pair was squished at some point during my ragnar relay race, which is what happens when you pack 7 people in a van for 48 hours.
taken just the day before their demise

  that pair was a gift from my sister, she picked them up in vegas for cheap.  then, yesterday i sat on my vonzipper hitch hikers.
waa waa

  they were my oldest, and most expensive pair.  i bought them about 5 years ago, for about 80 bones.  80 bones!  now, as far as designer shades go, that may not be terribly expensive.  for me, i almost never pay full price for anything.  so i had been taking care of these babies very well, and they were still awesome.  my dear von zippers, may you rest in peace.

also, this means that sunglasses are on my christmas list :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kid History

last night, my friends and i watched a couple of awesome youtube videos.  the first was one that was already beloved to us, but they just came out with a second episode to it.  the first one caused many laughs, but the second one made us laugh so hard we had to play it again because we missed half of it the first time.  i was drooled on because someone was laughing so hard.  six grown people were rolling around on couches, love sacs, and the floor.  so i thought i'd do my part to spread the word.  without further ado, here is kid history, episodes one and two:

Kid History: Episode One

Kid History: Episode Two

i only linked these instead of embedding them, because you should really watch these full screen.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Album!(s) of the Year 2010, The Omissions

my bad, i left off some of the earlier releases that had me going this year.  forgive me, my brain is old and mushy, and a year is a long time to remember all the music i liked.

free energy - stuck on nothing
this was the perfect summer jam album.  light hearted, friendly, bouncy, catchy, and all around good times.  kinda like summer.

vampire weekend - contra
exactly what you would expect from vampire weekend.  a more versatile, yet still brilliant, sophomore album. rounding out their sound, while still maintaining most of that frenetic energy that makes them vampire weekend.

jonsi - go
i was nervous about this album.  jonsi fronts one of my favorite bands of all time, and i wasn't sure if this would be great or a disappointment.  it is far more mainstream, pop centric than sigur ros' en devours, but  not  unwelcomely so.  i hope that sigur ros produces more in the future, but i still like what jonsi is doing on his own.

foxy shazam - self titled
with a ridiculous abandon that was previously the domain of bands like the darkness or queen, foxy shazam puts out their third album filled with all that rock can be.  hard and catchy as all get out, this album features one of the best singles of the year, oh lord.
in fact, here is that single:

honorable mention:
band of horses - infinite arms
not as awesome as their first two releases(which are benchmark indie alt country albums), infinite arms is still pleasurable and stimulating.