Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Something In the Way She Moves

i can always tell a dancer by the way she moves. she doesn't have to dance, or talk about it, but i can tell. especially ballet dancers. there is a purpose to each movement, born from practice, until there is no muscle that moves without direction. they have thought about it until they don't have to think about it anymore, and it is just part of who they are. from their posture, to the smooth grace, to the light quality, the effortless flow. i admire the capability with which they perform the simplest of tasks.
they also tend to have a vibe, a mojo, a zest, a passionate spirit about life. now, this often borders on shear insanity, and in many cases, is quite dramatic. each of the dance disciplines has its own particular brand of personality. i tend not to be able to handle ballroom dancers for some reason, maybe it is because my little sister is a ballroom dancer. i use up all the patience i have on that brand of crazy with her, so when others come along, i simply have no more left. too bad. the fire with which dancers attack dance spills into the rest of their life. although many times, if they do not have a depth to their character, they slip into being flighty and unreliable. when tempered with discipline, direction, and control, it is a powerful attribute indeed.
now, this is not to say any of this is a rule. there are many dancers that i am sure possess none of these qualities. however, this is based on the many dancers i do know and love. i figure that dancers don't get enough love, so this blog's for you. and here are the two songs that pop into my head whenever i think of the way you move.

also, john lennon's face at 1:30 absolutely slays me


  1. Mwahahaha! All those years of making you come to our dance recitals paid off!

  2. Me a dancer...dramatic? never! no way. ;)

    I hoped you tagged me because I lean toward the graceful, zesty, and passionate side. Not the flighty and unreliable.