Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 10: Music for every occasion

wow, the last couple of days have been crazy busy. today is going to be even busier, which is why i decided to bring my laptop to accounting, and actually accomplish something in this class. which means blog.
but that is neither here nor there really. this post is the challenge to list the songs i listen to when i am in various moods. i've been pondering this post for a couple of days, and i really don't listen to specific music for specific moods. i more listen to music as i crave it. i would assume(maybe wrongly, who knows) that many people listen to radiohead when they are melancholic or blue for some reason. but i have been listen to them the last three days straight.
now, when i was a young'un, i used to listen to music by mood a little. really, i had angry music. i didn't really have any other type of mood music, but i was angry most of the time in high school anyway. my favorite angry music was rage against the machine. then they broke up, and the guitarist went to that massively awful band rage garden, i mean audioslave. they really were horrible. now rage against the machine is getting back together, maybe that means i am about to enter an angry period of my life again?
the one type of music that i tend to listen to only when happy is reggae. and when i say reggae, i really pretty much mean bob marley. yes, i have some toots and the maytals and the like, but i really just listen to bob. sometimes, i listen to him when i am stressed too. probably because when bob tells me to not worry about a thing, i believe him. probably cuz he is dead, and he must know what is up on the other side by now.
now, i do have some music that epitomizes certain feelings. zookeeper's boy by mew is just about the happiest song ever. check it out.

also, samuel barber's adagio for strings is the saddest piece of music ever written. makes me cry or at least tear up every time i listen to it.

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