Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blog Challenge Day Five: A picture of somewhere I've been

now, this challenge doesn't say that the picture has to be taken by me. but since i can only think of one picture that i have ever taken that looked cool, this one was an easy choice. i've not been blessed with awesome picture taking skills, but this one is super rad.
this was somewhere just of highway 1 between santa cruz and san fransisco. the crazy kids running toward the water are chad devore and cameron brown. we just happened to look to the left as we were heading north on the 1, and saw this awesome cove thingy. inside this cove place was this tunnel of awesome(maybe tunnel of love? i won't say what cam and chad ended up doing after this picture). this trip was really great all over, and random stops like this one were what it was all about. this little beach area is really one of the most perfect, random moments of my life.

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