Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blog Challenge Day Six: Favorite superhero

finally, a post in the blog challenge i can really get stoked about. i am something of a comic book nerd, but predating my comic book nerdness was my love for wolverine and batman. i'll try not to geek all over you.
my first superhero love was wolverine. and not this hugh jackman, black leather wearing iteration. no, my love was born with the yellow and blue, massive ear dealy thingies wolverine. i had two wolverine action figures growing up, the only action figures i owned. my sisters would want me to play with them and their barbies, so i would pull out wolverine, put him in my toy jeep that had an american flag on the hood, and proceed to run them over. if they wanted logan to be the dad in their house, i would make sure that he had a rec room. of course, i was young, and thought that a rec room was really a wreck room, and he would pretty much just make a mess of their doll stuff. i don't think they asked me to play barbie house with them too much. when my buds in first grade made an x-men club(alongside our ninja turtles, power rangers, and greek mythology clubs(i was hercules)), i made sure that i was wolverine. plus, how many superheros can go toe to toe with the hulk? that's right. in the comics, they always send wolverine.
as my tastes in heroes matured a little, and i realized that no matter how hard i tried, i couldn't shoot claws out of my hands or heal superfast(i do have some metal bones though), i started to get more into batman. there is something fundamentally intriguing about a guy who uses intellect, skill, and really cool toys to accomplish amazing things(regularly putting the beat down on superman anyone?). see, i could be like bruce wayne someday. theoretically. plus, jim lee's version of batman is just about the sickest artwork out there in comic book land. he did the art for batman hush(amazing), and he worked with frank miller to create the incredible series of batman and robin the boy wonder. oh shoot, there i go, geeking everywhere. sorry, let me get that off your shirt for you.
in the end, i love them both dearly with a boyish sense of glee. can't get enough.

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