Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blog Challenge Day Nine:Something to be proud of

so this day is supposed to be about something that i am proud of in the last few days. it is kinda tough to think about something in my life that i feel like is remarkable that has been accomplished in the past week or so. that got me thinking at first that my life is boring and lame, and that i am not going anywhere at the moment. but then i thought, no, that is just life. i am right where i am supposed to be right now. just because i haven't run a marathon in the last week(just wait till october), or graduated from college(who knows when that will be), or something super significant doesn't mean that i haven't accomplished anything. heck, just today i taught sunday school. and i am pretty sure that nobody is leaving the church because of it. so that is something to be proud of. in fact, i can even say that i felt the spirit while teaching the lesson. also, i totally rocked my last math test(i have another one on tuesday), and my accounting test. those are worth being proud of. really, my life is pretty awesome, and i am happy/grateful that i accomplish things everyday that i can be satisfied about. plus, i saw inception yesterday. that is something to feel cool about.

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