Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blog Challenge Day Four: A habit I can't stand

a habit of mine that i have always had, and probably will always struggle with, is procrastination. it has to do with my core motivation in life, fun. seriously, if it isn't fun, i've always had no motivation to do it. weather it is homework, cleaning my room, going to work, school, pretty much anything that i see as mundane or distasteful in any way, i find anything to do other than that. this is why facebook and the internet are so dangerous for me. or cable tv(the worst is when there are crazy marathons on, like america's next top model, or futurama. i can't look away!). i have gotten better though. taking responsibility for my actions, and recognizing that the buck stops with me, has helped immensely. still, if i don't want to do something, i will find something else to do until the last second.

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