Saturday, July 17, 2010

Challenge Day One: 15 things about me

to satisfy the challenge, here is a recent pic of me. just fyi, i hate having pictures taken with my shirt off, so posting this online is a huge step forward for me. it is from my ragnar relay. and it is probably a little scandalous :0

15 things about me:
1. if i were a drunk, i think that i would be the kind of drunk that divulges intimate information about my personal life, but nobody can understand. so my secrets would still be safe.
2. very few things make me feel like i'm in junior high again like listening to blink 182: enema of the state.
3. i was obsessed with aliens when i was little.
4. so you think you can dance is a guilty pleasure of mine. this is the best dance of this season:
5. i am super pumped about the newest iteration of the jazz. raja bell is the man, and al jefferson is just what the doctor ordered. now to see if he can pass out of those double teams he's gonna draw
6. my ipod is somewhere in las vegas right now. i hope it is safe, and that i'll see it again.
7. i can count the number of times i have been boating on one hand.
8. your eyes tell the stories of the day you wish you could retell the...
9. somewhere back in my family tree, there are polygamists.
10. paul mccartney is my favorite beatle.
11. i got into the beatles because my dad bought the paul is live cd when i was 10.
12. my first led zepplin album was physical graffiti.
13. the first cd i ever bought with my own money was mxpx the ever passing moment. some days are just mxpx days.
14. in junior high, i used to play starcraft ad naseum. i am glad my parent's computer couldn't handle the warcraft 3 game, cuz then i might have gotten into world of warcraft. then i'd be playing w.o.w. all week, and on the weekends. if you don't know what is, click here. luckily, i interact with girls not wearing elf ears and have a tan instead. also, watch this vid:
15. my best friend just got engaged, and i am filled with a mix of joy and sadness. i knew it was coming for months, but now that it is official, it kinda hits harder.

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  1. 14. Except when you hang out with your older sister who does sometimes wear elf ears and can't tan to save her life.