Monday, June 7, 2010

The Smell of Summer is Ringing in my Ears

after writing that title, i realized that it is rather like the brand new lyrics. so sue me. this post isn't about brand new, rather, it is about my favorite smell ever. that quaint lil tree in that pic is what is known as the russian olive tree. we have them all over the place in utah. i don't know much about them, all i know about it is that it smells awesome in the summer. when i grow up and am old and fat, i will have one of these in my yard so that my house always smells awesome. it is a mildly sweet smell, not overpowering, not flowery. more like something is baking, but without the vanilla smell. when i am walking around somewhere, and i smell it, i stop and take deep breaths to the point of becoming lightheaded. i also tell whoever i am with what it is, because i think that everyone should know what the awesome smell of summer is. now, i am not discounting the great smells of wildflowers or summertime cookouts, they are just not quite so amazing as the russian olive tree. i could even be wrong about what they are, but whatever this blessed tree is, i love it so hard. blessed is this tree. blessed is my nose because of my tree. if i could marry this tree, we would already have 3 kids with 1 more on the way. i would probably marry a girl just because she was wearing some perfume that smelled like it.


  1. It's true. He does. Even when you're on the phone with him and 2000 miles away, he stops, smells the tree, and tells you about it.

  2. i'm hoping perfume companies read this blog and make pilmer's dream come true. it would be olfactory ecstasy.