Tuesday, June 8, 2010


last night i had a really weird dream. i guess most dreams are weird, but this was one of those that bordered between a nightmare and an awesome adventure dream(they need to make a name for that sort of dream). it was mostly because i was in my own version of zombieland, which was a movie that payed homage to zombie horror movies, but was more an absurdist comedy than it was horror. if you have seen the movie, i was the main character. if you haven't seen the movie, i am that kid sliding on his knees in the pic above. it was both scary and awesome, i really wasn't afraid of my ability to get away from the zombies, but i mean, it was zombies chasing me. there was even a grocery store scene. the zombies in my dream had a sunlight aversion like vampires for some reason(i have a thing for vamps too, so it makes sense really). so like in i am legend, going into buildings was scurry. my small group warned a huge group of people that were walking into a grocery store about the zombies we knew were inside, but they didn't listen. we walked in after them, and watched as they disappeared into the aisles, and just didn't come out the other side. we walked around quietly, hoping the zombies wouldn't know we were there, cuz they had just been distracted by the huge feast that had walked into their midst. we were loading up on groceries( i had toilet paper and a bale of hay for some reason) when i saw two pinkertonesque zombies watching us. i told my crew that we had to book it out of there, and we did, but it was turning dark outside, so the zombies started chasing us too. fortunately, we were mostly in running shape, so we easily outpaced them. that is the only part of the dream i remember well, but i do remember that i was able to get back into the dream after i woke up a little. i usually can't do that, so it was a radical moment for me. don't let the zombies get you.


  1. Dude. I can never run away or kick hard enough or punch straight in my dreams. I hate it.

  2. Run away fast enough, I should say.

  3. Funny...I know of some people that were making a zombie movie last night...