Friday, June 11, 2010


once upon a time, there was a man named willem dafoe. the biggest movie he has ever been in was probably spider man, or spider man 2, or spider man 3. i forgive him for that cartoony character green goblin, it was really written horribly. lucky for me, he has been in a billion other movies, many of which are quintessential genre pieces, or cult classics that defy genre. leading man, probably not. character actor of the highest order, absolutely. some of my favorite roles of his include as nosferatu in shadow of the vampire:
as agent paul smecker in boondock saints:
and his breakout role as sgt. elias in platoon:
other classic movies for him include american psycho, the last temptation of christ, clear and present danger, born on the fourth of july, the english patient, the aviator, the life aquatic with steve zissou, and paris, je t'aime. go watch them. all of them. or not. whatever. like i care what you watch.


  1. Did you choose these pictures on purpose? He's doing pretty much the same arm gesture in every. single. one.

    Also, I couldn't get through Boondock Saints, but I did see the firefight scene, and it really was cool.

  2. i didn't pick them for that purpose, but i did realize it after i picked them. naturally occurring motif.