Friday, June 11, 2010

Musings on World Cup: Uruguay v France

-worst hair of the cup so far: bacary sagna. seriously, this pic doesn't do it justice at all.-second worst hair: djibril cisse

-i don't know why, but i am rooting for france. maybe it is just to spite my friend karla.
-soccer might be the only sport where france is more physical than the opposing team.
-thierry henry in the mls? still scratching my head on that one. this is way bigger than beckham playing for the galaxy. henry is one of the all time greats. if it happens, i am stoked. i'd go to a game just to see him play.
-why do france's shorts look shorter than everyone else's?
-i'm surprised that south africa and mexico played more offense than france and uruguay. this has really been a boring game to watch. it looks like uruguay is just happy to have a draw. play to win fools! i've killed men for less.

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