Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Get Over It

while i was in the gym recently, enjoying a nice steam, i overheard a guy complaining about how all of his high school friends were getting married. he also mentioned that he was 22, just back from a mission, and that all was defined as "all give or take 10"(that is a rather large margin for error, i don't even know if i had 20 friends in high school). i hear this sort of stuff all of the time. i don't know if people think that they are the only ones not married, or if they don't realize that is what happens with young adults, or if they are just jealous of the people who have found happiness in someone else. it isn't just in the state of utah, at byu, or just mormons. everyone gets married. heck, the gays wish they could say all of their friends were getting married. i don't care if you think you are the first person with friends who don't hang out with you anymore cuz they are engaged. good for them. they've found something good. grow up. people get married, leave your life, and have families that become their nexus of activity for the next 30 years. that's life. go get a date, paint some pottery, and try to get your own family on.

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  1. This disturbs me. Why? because too many young people get married without really finding out who they should be marrying. Thats the thing, people are too eager to get married. Long dating process, short engagement. Thats what we're taught. But no one follows the rule. On top of having the highest marriage rate in Utah, we also have the highest divorce. Its cuz fools rush in. Im all for marriage, but with the right person and after Ive made sure Im supposed to stay with them for the rest of my life. (not bashing on u. just the culture)