Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'm Just an Animal, Looking For a Home

there are very few covers of songs that i like more than the original, especially when the original is done by a band as amazing and distinctive as the talking heads. the truth is, their song this must be the place has never been my favorite of theirs. i'm far more partial to tunes like psycho killer, burning down the house, and once in a lifetime. however, tom cruise/christian bale look alike miles fisher has created a version that i love so hard it hurts a little. i've had his version stuck in my head all day. miles fisher is actually a harvard grad who has tried his luck in hollywood, scoring roles in mad men and superhero movie (in which he spoofed tom cruise's scientology promo video, check it out here. my favorite bit of acting that he has done was in his music video for his cover of this must be the place. he re-enacts scenes from the movie american psycho with precision, which makes sense cuz he looks just like christian bale as well. you can actually download all of miles fisher's ep here for free (don't worry, it's legal, it's his site). here is his video for this must be the place. i must warn you, it does contain some strongly adult content. it is based on american psycho, which is about as hard an r rated movie as you get. so if you just want to listen and not watch, listen on his download site i referenced earlier.

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