Friday, May 21, 2010

10 more things you probably didn't know about me

1. foods that i hate: mushrooms, sour cream, mayonnaise( and no, i don't consider miracle whip any different)
2. foods that i love: ginger and lime (i will order things off the menu just because they have one of these in the name of the food)
3. i've never been to disneyland/world
4. i've lived in 6 states (utah, texas, georgia, washington, virginia, maryland)
5. i'm a hopeless romantic
6. audrey hepburn is my favorite actress (i own a box set of her movies)
7. my dream car is a 1969 corvette stingray with a 427 big block engine, in cortez silver (suitable alternative years were '67 or '71)
8. i wish that fine arts such as the opera or ballet were as accessible as sports are on a regular basis (meaning i wish that i could find an opera playing all year round or on tv, etc.)(and this is coming from a guy who eats his breakfast watching sportscenter)
9. my dream job is to teach at the lds institute of religion
10. in the color code test, my personality type is yellow with a strong secondary color of white (meaning that i am motivated mostly by fun and peace, it is difficult to get into the most personal circle of my life, and i have a strong aversion to confrontation, especially verbal)


  1. it's no wonder we got on so well.

  2. You know dear cousin, Yellow is a good personality!! :) But it is quite difficult to read. Love ya!!!!

  3. Ok, I just got onto a different computer and the green background showed up. Haha. That makes the yellow much easier to read!