Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm the old guy spraying kids with a hose

how in the world do ticket prices for shows get determined? there are several shows of note going on this week that if money were not an issue, i would be going to. the first is tonight. muse is playing at the e center with the silversun pickups. muse has been one of my top 5 favorite bands since high school. i can't think of another band that i have more emotional ties and experiences with. and i am going to be missing their show again. now, for a band as big as muse is, their tickets didn't seem to be unreasonably priced. they were about 30 to 40 bucks all told. the most i've ever spent on tickets was about $50 for blink 182, jimmy eat world, and green day back in 10th grade. that was one of the best concerts i've ever been too.. both of these shows are/were at the e center. this is a big stadium, and is conducive to big shows with lots of showmanship and special effects. muse is apparently busting out their 360 degree show for this one, and the silversun pickups are an incredible band as well. so it makes sense that this would be an expensive show. the more i talk about, the more i regret not going right now instead of writing this stupid blog. i have certainly spent more money on more ridiculous things.
my complaint doesn't center around muse though. tomorrow night, tegan and sara are playing at in the venue ( it will always be bricks to me) with steel train, and holly miranda. that sounds like a great show as well. here's the catch, it is also $35! apparently tegan and sara have a more devoted following than i assume. the next night, spoon, deerhunter, and micachu and the shapes are playing in the venue. their price: $30. i would think that if the group isn't a radio presence or some sort of industry icon status would be a little cheaper. say someone like eryka badu, mos def, or indie film darlings the swell season would fit the profile of someone not huge, but able to have higher prices. now, i would also expect them to be in a nicer venue to charge that sort of price. something like the depot, as opposed to a venue like in the venue, which doesn't even have a real roof. the sound has never been great there, and there are some really crappy places to stand. the depot is a much swankier place, and adds to the experience as opposed to detracting from. in the venue has it's place, but definitely not with shows that i would be paying 30 bones or more to get into. while i would believe that tegan and sara, and spoon, would put on a terrific show, i just can't imagine there being enough of a show in a place like that to justify that kind of price tag.
all that being said, i would go to all of these shows if i had the cash laying around. if they can charge that much for it and get away with it, more power to you. i'm just going to be the old grumpy guy complaining every time i have to buy a ticket over $10.
here's my favorite muse music video:

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