Thursday, April 29, 2010

Do it for the love, like Ray J

yesterday, as i ran along the beautiful provo river parkway, in the freezing cold and rain, it struck me that i have some level of insanity to be doing something like that. my hands were numb, my nose was running, and my knee and achilles tendon were aching, but i was happy. i was correct in thinking i was a little insane, because that is what love is. i think about running all the time. it makes me smile( someone once told me if i could show them someone smiling when they ran, they would run, to which i responded that they should come watch me run. i smile a lot). i can't wait till the next time i see her... er... i mean... go running. i spend all my money on it. i make time in my day for it. if i go without it for too long, i get depressed and anxious. after my knee surgery last year, i would wake up and lay in bed thinking about it. sounds a lot like love to me. i have even made a mix for it. i'll post it on of these days, i am quite proud of my running music. i am committed to a long term relationship here. i don't know who said it, but it has been said if you have to ask why we run, you'll never understand. same could be said about romance. i love running.

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice your gift." - Steve Prefontaine, American Runner

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