Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's time to DOUBLE DOWN

once upon a time, the only time i could really feel like i had threatened my life with one order of food was when i would go to some sort of fair or fest. there, i could revel in the fried oreos, fried coke, fried twinkies, fried snickers, or just a plain old funnel cake (which is, of course, fried). once in a while, i could venture into the world of deadly fat on my own if i knew someone with a fryer. even when i went to a fast food place, i knew that despite the mysterious blend of meat they might pass as beef, or the supersized amount of fries they would add, i would only have a food induced nap as a consequence. even from such establishments as carl's jr or wendy's(the baconator?) that turn their nose up at even the hint of health, i was never in fear of my safety. then, kfc threw down the gauntlet with the double down:
this loosely named "sandwich" smashes bacon, cheese, and sauce in between two fried chicken breasts. technically, you can get the grilled version, but who is really going to do that? even though the bread of the bun would only add simple carbohydrate calories, the removal of the bun seems to be the final barrier to total food depravity. this brings into the mainstream that which had only been the domain of food sites like thisiswhyyourefat.com. it is only a matter of time before another chain ups the ante with something even more unhealthy.
i can respect the total departure from even the lip service of health. places like mcdonalds trying to update their image with fancier atmosphere and a "healthier" menu smacks of fraud. it would be like arnold schwarzenegger trying to play a respectable politician, oh wait, forget that one. i will also probably get one soon enough. i might as well use my young metabolism while i can. i can't say that i am happy that there is one more step towards this country becoming totally obese. the fact is that kfc wouldn't sell it if there wasn't a market for it, so bucking the trend has to start with a fundamental shift in how we eat as families. until then, welcome to carnival food all year round.

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