Friday, April 30, 2010

I wonder if she's single

norah jones is fantastic. thanks to matt sargent for introducing me to her in high school, while
my mind was fairly exclusively devoted to punk and classic rock. in fact, since matt introduced me to johnny cash and norah jones, they opened me up to country, oldies rock, jazz, and the blues. norah is something of a gateway drug. of course, since she conquered the jazz market, she has mastered country with her band the little willies, and she is now venturing into rock with her band, el madmo. she can pretty much do no wrong in my mind anyway. she has a pretty stellar musical heritage as well. she is the daughter of ravi shankar, the sitarist who influenced the beatles when they branched into eastern music a bit. he taught george harrison the sitar.
one of my most vivid memories is set to norah jones. the morning after our high school senior all nighter, matt was driving me home from denny's in his parent's prius, listening to her cd "come away with me". it was just as the sun was coming up, and the clouds were coming over the mountains in the east. it created a gorgeous sky, with subtle tones of grey and blue waking up as i was in that lucid state when you are deprived of sleep, but not really sleepy. matt and i weren't talking much, i don't think our minds were thinking in words anymore. there was no other time as high school ended that i recognized the transitive moment. it was an odd limbo, the beginning of our between age. i made a conscious effort to remember and relish that. it was a moment of sublime perfection, where nothing else mattered, and i was completely in the moment. i was that moment. i owned it all, drank it in. it was like a really good dr. pepper, on a hot afternoon. when it was finished, i didn't long for it to be back. it had quenched my thirst, and i was ready to get out and play some more.

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  1. What a great sound track to a sweet ginger bromance! This post makes me smile. That boy does have pretty good taste.