Friday, September 24, 2010

Muzac Marathon

last weekend i ran a marathon.  it was awesome.  it is always amazing to me that something so difficult can be so fun.  26.2 miles is a long way, but i would say the fun outweighed the pain.  this was marathon number 2 for me, both of them the logan top of utah marathon.  this was also the first race that i have run with my ipod playing tunes.  i kind of did for part of a half marathon once, but it was too cold, and my ipod didn't work all that great.  i don't think that the music really enhanced the marathon much.  some people can't handle quiet for that long, but i like being alone with my thoughts.  also, races are rather social events.  i talk to a lot of people on the course.  but what does someone listen to for four and a half hours?  i had a half marathon mix already, and i was going to make my marathon mix the night before, but i forgot my ipod chord in orem.  so i cam up with one rather impromptu.  the half marathon mix was chosen based on pump up value/awesomeness and beats per minute to help me stay on pace(the bpm songs are also awesome, but their main purpose on this mix is pacing).  since part of my marathon mix includes the half mix, i'll indicate which songs were for awesomeness alone, and which were also bpm.

i started listening to some music on the way up.  i had b.o.b.'s magic stuck in my head, so i listened to him on the bus ride to the starting line.  i had wanted to talk to someone on the way up, but the guy i sat next to curled up into a ball around his backpack and was oblivious to the world.

when the race started, i started my for real tunes.
1. john williams - star wars theme
2. richard wagner - ride of the valkyries
3. andrew lloyd webber - pie jesu (amanda, i thought of you when i listened to this)
4. john williams - imperial march
5. john williams - raiders of the lost ark theme
6. the star wars theme again(so sue me, i'm a nerd)

this is where i switched to my half marathon mix.  it's two and a half hours in total song length

7. the beatles - across the universe (bpm)
8. journey - don't stop believing
9. fall out boy - of all the gin joints in all the world (bpm)
10. the ting tings - fruit machine (bpm)
11. fleetwood mac - go your own way
12. bloc party - helicopter (bpm)
13. jack johnson - hope (bpm)
14. the proclaimers - i'm gonna be 500 miles
15. r. kelly - i believe i can fly (you know you like it too)
16. feist - i feel it all (bpm)
17. jack johnson - if i could (bpm)
18. coldplay - lost (bpm)
19. foo fighters - miracle
20. paramore - misery business (bpm)
21. gorillaz - november has come (bpm)
22. reo speedwagon - take it on the run
23. collective soul - run
24. tom petty and the heartbreakers - runnin' down a dream (seeing a pattern here?)
25. coheed and cambria - the running free
26. head automatica - scandalous (bpm)
27. death cab for cutie - sounds of settling (bpm)
28. the raconteurs - steady as she goes
29. muse - stockholm syndrome
30. coldplay - strawberry swing (bpm)
31. the postal service - such great heights (bpm)
32. gwen stefani - sweet escape
33. the ting tings - that's not my name (bpm)
34. coheed and cambria - the velorium camper III: al the killer
35. ben folds - you don't know me (bpm)
36. copeland - you love to sing (bpm)

at this point, my half marathon mix was over.  this was about 3 hours into the race, so i was kinda too tired to really think about what i wanted to listen to.  i picked the first band that came up that i like running to, which was thrice. so i listened to all of their alchemy index albums, part of artist in the ambulance, and part of beggars.  then i got tired of thrice.  i finished off my run with these awesome songs.

the hours - ali in the jungle
peter tchaikovski - 1812 overture
ludvig van beethoven - ode to joy

the watch says 4:30, which was exactly my goal time

quite the excellent mix, if i do say so myself.

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