Monday, March 29, 2010

This post is soooo Machiavellian

i finally started reading the prince (i tried to underline that, but there is no underline feature on here) by niccolo machiavelli. it is considered to be one of the quintessential reads on political science/cynical philosophy. in one of the more cynical phases of my life, i actually wrote a poem called machiavelli had it right. i wish i could find it, i remember thinking i was so clever and intellectual when i wrote it. of course, i was in high school, so i most likely was neither.
but back to the prince. it is an incredibly insightful and educational read. it was written in the early 1500's feudal italy. it was written using current events and recent history, so it is a little obscure in its references ( i mean, if i mentioned the conquests of cesare borgia in my blog, that would be considered obscure). good thing my copy contains notes explaining it.
i realize i am drifting into boring things, so i'll get to the point. as i have been reading it, it actually feel considerably like the guy is just kind of rambling through his thoughts. kinda like this blog. which made me realize, blogging is a centuries old thing. or maybe just reading blogs has ruined me for classical philosophy. kind of a chicken or the egg situation.

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