Saturday, March 13, 2010


i am something of an anglophile, meaning that i tend to become fascinated with things simply because they are from britain. hence my love for acts such as lily allen, lady sovereign, and the streets(although the most recent recordings by mike skinner and crew have departed from his spoken word brand of brit-hop, and have lost quite a bit of their like-ability). of course, i won't like something just because it is british, but it ceratinly helps its case. i love the classics like led zepplin, cream, and the beatles simply because they are amazing. the beatles movies captivate me because they are so british though, i don't know if i would find them as mesmerizing if it were american.
some things i'm not sure if i love because they are british, or if they would have been able to produce something similarly amazing somewhere else. the darkness is a prime example. their dogmatic discipleship to classic rock is only so fun because they are beyond committed to the ridiculous premise they purvey. so the question is: would they be able to devote themselves to such a style and image with such reckless abandon, and get away with it, if they were american?these are the thoughts that keep me up at night, ha.
my latest british obsession is kate nash. she is both crazy catchy, and undeniably british in her delivery. check her out, and fall in love with her too.

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  1. This news pleases me greatly. One day I will take you to bash around London and it will be awesome. Plus? Waaay ahead of you on Kate Nash. LOVE her.