Sunday, March 14, 2010

Summit on the Summit

i'm watching this show on mtv (i know, mtv) called summit on the summit. it is about a bunch of celebrities who are trying to raise awareness about the availability of clean drinking water by hiking mount kilimanjaro in africa. they started out in a village teaching them about purifying water, then started hiking the mountain. here are the celebrities involved(none of them are very big):
prog pop artist kenna

rapper lupe fiasco

actress jessica biel

actor emile hirsch

prog pop artist santigold

actress isabel lucas

and a smattering of a bunch of pseudo celeb activists (attractive granddaughters of jacques cousteau and robert kennedy anyone?). i'm a sucker for attractive women and talented musicians.
i both love and hate this concept. i really respect anyone trying to raise awareness about social responsibility, especially people who are willing to go to the source. i'm just not sure about the hiking mt. kilimanjaro part. i don't know how that relates, other than it is a mountain in africa, where there is a serious issue about drinking water. i really like outdoors shows like this, and i really like most of the celebrities involved. i don't necessarily care about them together. while it is a strenuous and taxing climb, it isn't a really technical climb. kilimanjaro isn't one of the mountains that scare me. i would love to climb it someday, and the part that is the most daunting for me is the money involved. so i have all of these conflicting interests in the show, while my social responsibility elitist in me is untrusting of mtv trying to talk about water with a celeb hike. the most legit portion of it all is the connection with kenna. his father is from africa, and lost family to unsafe drinking water. so if his father hadn't left africa, kenna would have been one of those kids with the flys around their eyes. so he did it for his father. i'll continue to have conflicted feelings about the show, but the moral to this story is, i'll watch anything involving musicians i like.

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