Sunday, May 9, 2010

This is the most predictable post ever

on this mother's day, i have a blog for the first time. so i must share with the world how awesome my mother is. the photo above is of my little sister and my mom, just after my sister received her mission call. the fact that my little sister had the gumption to go on a mission is pretty indicative of what kind of mother i have. the fact that i, the punkiest nugget ever to be called pilmer, served a mission is an even bigger indication of the kind of mother i have. she is absolutely incredible. she served(and still serves) as liaison between my father and i. my father and i have a long history of butting heads, and if she hadn't been around, i probably wouldn't have lived past 17. i may have given my father a heart attack before he could kill me, so it is kind of a toss up as to who would have survived, but one thing is for sure: she kept us both alive. she has always been the one who would stay up late to talk with us, valuing being involved in our lives more than her sleep. she's also the one who went to the atm, drove to provo, and gave me the money to retrieve my car from the tow truck at midnight. from little league, to wrestling matches, to soccer practice, to cub/boy scouts, she was the taxi driver/cheerleader/den mother that i needed. she always seemed to be the right person i needed at the right time. i am sad to say that i made her cry more than once, although now, i think she cries tears of joy more often because i turned out alright. ever since my parents, little sis, and i went to a boyz II men concert, my sister and i have kind of made this song our mom's theme. so on this mother's day, here's a song for you mom( and yes, she even reads my blog):

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