Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Reason to like McDonald's

the new fruit and maple oatmeal at mcdonald's is delicious.  with fresh and dried fruits mixed into a brown sugar and maple flavored oatmeal, it really is awesome.  tasty, healthy, inexpensive, and just the right size, i really can't think of anything else as good at mcdonald's.  the only thing i ever have actually gone out of my way to get at mcdonald's before this was the sausage egg biscuit w/hashbrown and oj.  now, burger king and carl's junior have them too.  so it is a timely thing that mcdonald's brought out something else that i can crave.  i've been to mcdonald's 4 or 5 times this last couple of weeks, especially to get this stuff.  go, eat it.  and sell your delicious soul to the evil empire.


  1. my initial thought was to carry this into facebook, alas, you have cut me off at the pass. you are always one step ahead ;)