Wednesday, November 3, 2010


check it out, my band played its very first show last week.  that's me in the red, playing bass behind garret williams, our illustrious leader.  the guy is legit.  i love his style, apparently other people do too, cuz he won a songwriter contest recently.  the show was great, even if the band had only been a full band for a week (we don't even have a name, i've just been calling us the garret williams band).  we added another guitarist the tuesday before the show, which was on friday.  preston performed like a star.  we had only practiced with the drummer twice before last week too, although, technically, i'm the newer member to the band.  so i guess i should say that i had only played with the drummer twice before last week, garret has played with him tons.  we played 5 songs, one of which was a blusey cover of the hocus pocus version of i put a spell on you.  we played that one for the first time an hour before the show.  haha, for all of our lack of real experience together, we played pretty tight.  i credit that to personal practice, and garret's clear vision of what his songs should sound like, even if sometimes the clear vision isn't described as clearly.  he often makes up words.  thanks to everyone i knew that showed up: amanda, alora, brady, nick, ryan, trent, and even my mom and dad.  it meant the world to have familiar faces in the audience.  seriously, you guys rock.  we are playing again on the 4th of december at muse music in provo.  stay tuned for more info!

this is a video that predates my involvement with the band, it is garret and our drummer chris(on guitar).  just a little taste.

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  1. Loved it! Count me in again on the Dec. 4th show.